Omesh Cain was born in Tobago and raised in Cambridge England. He has travelled around the world exploring and observing different cultures. These influences have helped shape the artistic expression and vision in his vibrant work today. His work is largely figurative and is often characterized by big hands and feet, large exaggerated proportions and warm, bold colours. Omesh creates works of art that infuse the senses with colour and form. There is delight in observing the unique way he works with his subject matter, leading us on an artistic narrative of translucence, beauty and vision. With his ability to express himself with shades of colour, light and dark he captures a unique luminosity. There is a sense of the magical, the naive, and the innocent in his work, and a passion for revealing the wonder in life.He works with both acrylic and oil paints, and is currently working on a new series of wood carvings and Bronze sculptures.

His work has been exhibited in Switzerland, Germany, France, Tobago, Sweden and Denmark, in private exhibitions, art fairs and galleries, and feature significantly in a number of private collections through Europe, America and Australia.

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